$200,000 A Night NYC Nightlife

Models & Bottles

I recently ran into this article on BloomBerg where the reader gets a sneak peek into New York’s “high-end nightlife.” The reader is introduced to a world of Amex Black Card concierge businesses, the clubs and promoters who facilitate it, and the clients who spend their hard earned dollars getting the most exclusive treatment available, if only for the night.

“A tall, angular sell-side banker named Richard orders a Parade, a train of seven sparkler-waving waitresses serving Dom Perignon in a just-for-you ritual. For a charged few minutes, all eyes are on him and his jubilant friends.”

“Nothing special, he’s just a typical Black Card concierge client. Say we do a billion deal. Three percent of that is 30 million dollars. Bottom line, a night out at $100,000 is just not relevant,” says Richard.”

What are your thoughts on this? Are you in fact one of the people spending your money on these services? Or have you witnessed them first hand?

Here’s the article:



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